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Bitcoin proposed fork | 30 million of BTC wallet holders | 1 BTC gets 1 BTCX Contribute

70 countries and 700 over cities

A Bitcoin Fork payment system

Segwit | 2MB | Anti-centralization pool control

Top whales removed | Higher store of value

  • Jan 2017
  • Founded Jan 2017 Developed idea of using crypto and blockchain to fill up missing gaps in today's financial system
  • Sep 2017
  • Expedition to Kenya. 1000 pilot users signed upt Bootstrap seed investment and prototyping begins
  • Jan 2018
  • Working with governments, social organizations and charities Developed on Ethereum blockchain framework and integrated to 10 other leading blockchains by API
  • Oct
  • Complete Presale and launch beta product Prepared BTC fork code on Github resources to go live. Recruited mining pools to start providing hashpower
  • 2019-2025
  • List on multiple exchanges Grow users to 40,000,000 wallets holders surpassing Bitcoin Core

We are developing a superior form of Bitcoin protocol that will serve the unbanked

Ranked No.1 Potential

Market Size

By 2025
  • 20+
  • 95%
  • 10
    Blockchain protocols integrated


of funds
  • Crowdsale65%
  • Management10%
  • Advisers5%
  • Operations10%
  • Marketing10%

What our Clients say

  • This is the only robo banking tool that works on a basic phone! Ben Luther
  • UnbankedX has finally made finance accessible to me. Abousa
  • I saved an incredible amount of money switching to UnbankedX. Mina Thomas

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Reason for Participating

Why us

  • Traditional financial structures are too costly for small accounts. With a fully automated system, we are able to overcome cost barriers and scale to the millions of users who have been neglected.
  • Eliminating need for intense and costly credit assessment.
  • Reducing cost of managing ledgers. Preventing corruption with immutability

Our Tokens

Presale Summary

  • US$1M raised
  • Up to US$5M pledged


Key Milestones

  • BTC Fork coding completed
  • Block Explorer, Mining Pool and Wallet ready



  • Currently in exchange application
  • PR and media campaign preparation

Meet our Team

  • Grace Wong

    Grace Wong has over 15 years of commodity and structured finance experience across arrange of commodities including agricultural, metals and minerals and energy. Grace has worked in relationship management, trade finance and risk management; and undertaken numerous cross border structured financing transactions in Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East. A large part of her professional career was spent with Standard Chartered Bank, where she held senior positions as Head of Commodity Finance, London; Co-Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Council, UK/ Europe. Grace started her career in commercial and rural banking with Rabobank Australia and corporate banking at ANZ Banking Group. Grace has an MBA from University of Chicago Booth School of Business; Master of International Law from University of Sydney and is a graduate of the University of Technology, Sydney.

  • Jari Pronod

    PhD student in nuclear physics at top German university in Hessen and inventor of Bayerchain

  • Akel Luis

    Venezuelan university student and ethereum blockchain smart contract guru. He works as a firefighter saving lives on his day off

Meet our Advisers

  • Chad Pasha

    Chad has 10 years’ project management, client engagement and consulting experience across the Technology, Public Policy, Energy, Retail, Real Estate and Infrastructure and Sovereign Wealth Investment sectors. Chad has worked with senior business leaders, heads of state and government authorities in dozens of countries to strengthen the performance of companies and institutions by providing strategic advice, due diligence, financial, operational and risk analysis, as well as hands on project delivery. He has also served as Chief Financial Officer and co-founder for two European luxury brands as well as Chief Strategy Officer for a blockchain startup based in London. Chad has a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford and Wheaton College (MA), a MA in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago and a MBA from London Business School.

  • Richard Beresford

    Richard is an international development adviser for sustainable eco-livelihoods, community capacity building, shared value, rural supply chains and poverty eradication. A London University trained agronomist with post graduate qualifications in computer based information systems, international marketing and management accounting. Chairman and founder of MicroAid Projects Charity – ( & ), a development charity that reaches out to poor families via the internet with simple training in profitable family enterprise. Richard has spent the last thirty years of his working life with international projects and commercial companies in U.K., Africa and the Asean area, with over twenty five years experience of rural livelihoods in Indonesia.

  • Christopher Durr

    Technical support analyst for top decentralized exchange Auora IDEX. Analyzes cryptocurrency whitepapers team, technology,tokenomics and economic moats. Graduate of UC Irvine.

  • Eugene Lim

    Eugene has 20 years digital market and technology experience working for large multinationals. He owns a cryptoinvestment fund and a group of digital startups with clients like Standard Chartered Bank, Yahoo, P&G and many more